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File a Complaint

If you need to file a complaint about the services you received or about a staff member you interacted with, you'll find all the details you need here. We strive to provide every client a good experience, but as a nonprofit relying on grant funding, we do face certain limitations. We appreciate your understanding and feedback.

Complaints should be directed to the Practice Group Director who leads the team where your issue occurred. As detailed in our complaint forms, (English form; Spanish form) you can appeal if you are unsatisfied with the response from the practice group director.

The Practice Group Directors are as follows:

Consumer – Nicolas Villa;

Housing – (in transition)

Immigration – Latoya Belle;

Elder Law – Mischa Kennedy;

Systemic Impact Litigation – Elena Castillo;

Health – Grant Jahner;

Public Benefits and Education – Deliesha Brown;

Family Law – Cara Whisler;

Call our hotline for assistance.
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