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Culture, Values & Benefits

Attorneys, law students, and other professionals help us in closing the justice gap. In partnership with Inland Counties Legal Services Volunteers, we are able to expand our ability to provide legal services to a greater number of clients and communities.


Community is at the core of everything we do. We work to shift public policy toward more just results for those in need, but the individual members of the community we serve—each life we’re able to change for the better—make our mission fulfilling.

Likewise, ICLS isn’t just a job, it’s a community. Our team is made up of attorneys and other professionals, students, and volunteers who are here to support and make a positive impact on each other. We work to recognize and confront bias, both within the legal system and on our own team. We embrace the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our team members. We strive to remove barriers to growth, and offer a supportive, balanced work life based in respect, transparency, and communication.


We live our values on our own team in the same way as in the work we do for the community.

We are inclusive of everyone on our team, celebrating the unique perspectives and talents each person brings. We are truly stronger together.

We are committed to fairness, with a focus on communicating transparently and ensuring we do all we can to remove barriers to growth.

We advocate for each other, actively working to help every member of the team reach their maximum potential.


Justice serves us all, but it’s not always a given. We are passionate about ensuring justice, especially for the most vulnerable. It’s hard work, but it’s incomparably rewarding to help push the law toward a more equitable and inclusive outcome, and to see the life of one client changed for the better. We look for people who share our passion for advocating for underserved communities.

At ICLS, you’ll not only work toward our mission, but also grow your skills in litigation, public policy, and the range of practice areas we serve. If you want to apply your professional expertise to public interest law and help build stronger communities, you could be a perfect fit for our team.

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A career at ICLS means being part of a strong, diverse team. In addition to benefits like 401(k), insurance, paid time off, and a commitment to work/life balance, you will have the opportunity to grow your legal career, work with mentors, and make a real difference in your community.