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Every student has the right to educational opportunities— including access to special education and higher education. Each student is unique, but they all have one thing in common: the right to a quality education. Unfortunately, students are often denied this right.

What We Do:

The Education Team assists students who are entitled to special education or disability rights, by acting against school districts to preserve their rights and keep students in public schools. ICLS advocates handle the following education-related issues:

  • Discipline, including suspension and expulsion.
  • Enforcement of special education/disability rights, to enable parents and students to participate in education.
  • Access to Education, which includes homeless students being denied access to education, foster students with special education issues, or other situations in which child is being denied a right to an education.

ICLS does not handle cases involving vocational education, discrimination cases, tort claims (e.g. personal injury), student vs. student cases (including bullying), or issues involving post- secondary education.

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