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Public Benefits

The Public Benefits Practice Group helps those most in need to obtain, preserve, and recover the government assistance to which they are entitled. Through its Education Law practice, the Group fights for students’ rights to special education and disability accommodations with the goal of ensuring access to public education.

What We Do:

The Public Benefits Team assists with an array of issues related to government benefits, including denial, reduction, or discontinuance of benefits to individuals. If you are a recipient of government benefits or are seeking benefits and experiencing difficulties we may be able to assist you by appealing, requesting a waiver, or taking other actions related to the following programs:

  • State and County benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Cessations (Loss of Benefits) and Overpayments;
  • Denial, discontinuance or reduction of benefits with the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP), Foster Care, and Kin-Gap.
  • General Relief issues and disputes, as well as County Assistance Loans – Usually received when going through the disability process; if you are successful in receiving the benefits, the county will want that money back.

If you are denied benefits or being asked to repay them, call us or apply online.

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