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California DOJ Rap Sheets and How to Get Them

What is your California DOJ RAP Sheet?

  • Your California Department Of Justice (DOJ) RAP sheet is a document that details your record of arrests and prosecutions across all counties in California.

You might qualify to get $25 off your RAP

  • You might qualify for a fee waiver. This means that the California Department of Justice will cover $25 of your RAP sheet fees. Even though you will get $25 off your RAP sheet fees, you will still have to pay the rest. The fee you will have to pay is usually between $20 and $50.
  • Visit the DOJ website to apply for a fee waiver

If you live in California, follow these steps to get your RAP sheet:

  1. You have to get your fingerprints taken. This is called a “Live Scan”. Find a Live Scan location near you at this website:
  1. Call the Live Scan location you have selected and make an appointment for a “personal record request”. Ask them how much it will cost and what payment methods they accept.
  1. Print and fill out this Request for Live Scan Service form (may be attached)with your information. (If you obtained a fee waiver in the section above, use the form you got from the fee waiver website instead.)
  1. Go to the Live Scan location and give them your filled Request for Live Scan Service form. They will collect your payment, roll your fingerprints, and send them to the Department of Justice.
  1. Wait for a letter in the mail from the Department of Justice with your RAP sheet.
  1. When you get your RAP sheet in the mail, you must schedule a meeting with an attorney to talk about what services you qualify for. To set up your appointment contact ICLS.