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What small business owners need to know about hiring and firing

California law requires businesses with one or more employees to follow a set of complex employment laws. As a small business owner, it is especially important for you to follow these laws, since a single employment lawsuit (or even a threatened lawsuit) by one of your employees (or independent contractors) could cause a huge business distraction and significant financial loss for your company. And it is not just about how you treat your employees once they are working at your company.  Employment lawsuits can come up in many places – including, how you advertise your job openings, what types of questions you ask during interviews, how you complete reference or background checks, how you run payroll, how you provide rest and meal breaks, and how you discipline and terminate employees, among many other employment practices. 

For newer small business owners, this webinar will provide an informational introduction to, and real-world advice for, best practices for hiring and firing employees (even before you hire your first employee!).  For more experienced business owners, this webinar will be a practical informational “refresher,” especially since employment laws often change in California.

Presenters: Cozen O’Connor & ICLS