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A new start on life 

A 52-year-old widow with multiple sclerosis named Lisa became desperate for help when she found herself uninsured. After turning to Inland Counties Legal Services, she left with the assistance she needed and a new business that channeled her passion for knitting.

Previously, Lisa – a 52-year-old widow with multiple sclerosis — received necessary treatment and secured vital prescriptions through the Medi-Cal program. But when she was approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) income, it pushed her over the income limit for the health insurance program. 

What seemed like a blessing turned into a threat to her wellbeing, so Lisa turned to ICLS. 

Right off the bat, her advocate submitted a special request to Covered CA’s escalation team and helped her enroll into a Covered CA plan. While that step already put Lisa in a better position to take care of her health, her ICLS advocate realized that the Working Disabled Medi-Cal Program would be a much better fit for Lisa’s income and needs. 

So, the advocate and Lisa worked together and brainstormed about possible vocations.  

Lisa explained that she enjoyed knitting her own socks because her multiple sclerosis would leave her with dreadfully cold feet, which led her to realize that her peers in her support group could also benefit from her handy knitting.  

She began to sell her homemade socks to her support group and applied for the Working Disabled Medi-Cal program. With the new program, she was able to obtain full Medi-Cal benefits, which included her therapy and prescriptions, for only $20 per month. 

Her assigned advocate not only ensured that she would receive the best plan and assistance available to her, but also went above and beyond to help Lisa channel one of her passions into a business. ICLS staff and volunteers bring the same level of care to every person that is eligible for our assistance. 

*The client’s full name has not been disclosed for privacy reasons.