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A Statement on the Monterey Park Mass Shooting

We are heartbroken that yet another Southern California community has been plagued by a mass shooting and that 10 individuals lost their lives in such a heinous and vicious manner at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and friends in Monterey Park, a community that many Inland Counties Legal Services staff and clients know and love. 

Lunar New Year is an important cultural celebration that is filled with tradition and meant to welcome good luck and fresh beginnings for the next year. Instead, an entire community is mourning an act of senseless violence – a community that has already been dealing with an increase in hate crimes and discrimination since the pandemic. The trauma inflicted on those who were in attendance, those who frequented the studio, and the community at large cannot be overlooked. 

To our friends and family in Monterey Park: we stand with you, our hearts are with you, and we hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.