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“I felt like I was sinking.”

ICLS helps a selfless mother dismiss all her consumer debt lawsuits without even going to trial!

Rita, a devoted mother, selflessly cared for her children; however, the care she consistently provided put her in a difficult financial situation. In July 2019, Rita’s credit card company filed two lawsuits against her, claiming she owed more than $12,000. Rita’s income was only $800 per month, which barely covered her expenses, and she had to put her children’s needs before the credit card payments. The credit card company was now taking her to court. 

“I felt like I was sinking. I’d always been in a position to help people and, here, I wasn’t in a position to help anyone, not even myself,” said Rita when she came to ICLS for help. Rita always was responsible in regards to her finances, but she had no ability to make a settlement offer with her current situation. ICLS’ Consumer Practice Group attempted to get the debt dismissed, but the creditor refused with counter offers that were out of what Rita could afford. Undeterred, Rita’s ICLS attorney continued advocating on her behalf and began preparing for trial in February.

Suddenly, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the courthouse doors were shut, and Rita’s trial continuously got rescheduled for a later date. In June 2020, Rita’s attorney did a check-in to find out Rita had lost her job to the pandemic, had no income, no car, and was currently homeless. Concerned with her well being, Rita’s attorney presented her with options until she chose filing for bankruptcy as her best path forward. The Consumer Team began the bankruptcy process and the attorney went to relay Rita’s situation to the creditor. Rita was ready to go to court and file bankruptcy.

Then, the unexpected happened when the creditor decided to dismiss both lawsuits against Rita! Rita was overjoyed when the attorney called her with the good news that she no longer had to go to trial or file bankruptcy. She later learned the creditor dismissed the suits after hearing about her current hardships. Now, Rita is optimistic about her future. “It felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I’m just very appreciative,” said Rita.  “I received a lot, and I hope I can give back what was given to me.” 

*Rita is an alias to protect the identity of our client