ICLS helps people who are struggling to pay bills by assisting debt collection lawsuits or by advising and assisting with Bankruptcy.

If you are low income and/or over 60 and you have been sued for one of the following debts, we may be able to help.   

  • Credit card,
  • Medical bills,
  • Student loan,
  • Identity theft,
  • Auto repossession,
  • and/or other consumer debts,
  • and/or if any of the above happened while you or a family member were on active duty.

We may be able to help you for free by answering your lawsuit and force the debt collector to prove they own your debt.  If the debt collector can’t prove their case, we may be able to get your case settled or even dismissed. 

If your debts are overwhelming, we may be able to assist you with the Bankruptcy process or advising you on other options.

Call us today at (888)245-4257 or apply online. You may also send an e-mail to consumer@icls.org.

Don’t wait, you usually have 30 days to answer a lawsuit after you receive it.  

We may also be able to help you if:

  1. You are the victim of Financial Elder Abuse

  2. You received a HERO or PACE loan to fix your house and/or install solar panels and now you have a tax lien you can’t pay.