ICLS has a strong Housing Law component that includes multiple facets. ICLS's work focuses on both increasing and preserving affordable, quality housing. We work to help people keep their homes by fighting illegal harassment by landlords, challenging unfair termination from programs such as Section 8, and getting needed repairs made to their homes. Depending on the case, we may offer legal education, counsel and advice, representation at hearings, or help with negotiations to help our clients solve housing issues.

To better serve our client community, ICLS has established a central housing hotline (888-245-4257). The hotline functions as a gateway to ICLS services including clinics, legal information, and counsel and advice. 

ICLS provides information and self-help services that enable low-income litigants to access the legal system. ICLS created several attorney-led clinics located within various ICLS branches that focus on housing law. An attorney evaluates the clinic participant’s legal issues, assists with preparing legal documents, and gives detailed information regarding the legal process related to their legal problems.