Meet our Staff


Darrell K. Moore, Esq., Executive Director

Sang Banh, Esq., Deputy Director of Litigation

Tessie Cross, Esq., Deputy Director of Operations

Tori Praul Hedrick, Esq., Deputy Director of Community Engagement


Pam Herness, CPA, Chief Financial Officer


Practice Group Directors

Greg Armstrong, Esq., Consumer Practice Group Director

Elena Castillo, Esq., Systemic Impact Litigation Practice Group Director 

Maria Cazares-Reyes, Esq., Housing Practice Group Director

Jaime Cartageña , Esq., Immigration Practice Group Director

Mischa Jackson-Kennedy, Esq., Intake and Outreach Practice Group Director

Grant Jahner, Esq., Health Law Practice Group Director

Marsha Johnson, Esq., Public Benefits Practice Group Director

Cara Whisler, Esq., Family Law and Domestic Violence Practice Group Director

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Board Of Directors

Executive Officers

Elaine S. Rosen, Esq., Board President, San Bernardino County Bar Association

Erica Alfaro, Esq., Board Vice President, Riverside County Bar Association

Marvin Powell Jr., Board Secretary, Riverside County Client Representative Board MemberCommunity Action Partnership of Riverside County,

Christina Perez, Treasurer, San Bernardino County Client Representative Board Member


Board Members

Daniel Aguilar, San Bernardino County Client Representative, Colton Boxing Club 

David P. Colella, Esq., San Bernardino County Bar Association

Goushia Farook, Esq., Riverside County Bar Association

Bob Garcia, Riverside County Client Representative Board Member, Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service

Andrew R. Morand, Esq., Riverside County Bar Association

Julie D. Neal, Esq., San Bernardino County Bar Association

Mark I. Richards, Esq., San Bernardino County Bar Association

Steven R. Weber, Esq., San Bernardino County Bar Association






Join Our Staff

For more than 50 years, ICLS has been serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Join us in our fight to expand access to justice for all!

We offer excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life, a 401k, and ample paid time off. 

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