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We serve the Riverside & San Bernardino Counties.

ICLS offers a wide variety of services at no cost to the client. However, some cases that we assist on could have outside costs that we are not able to cover, such as the filing costs and other related fees. Those responsibilities will fall on the client, but overall, we do not charge for legal assistance.

First, you will apply for services using our online application. This application will ask for basic information, parties involved, your demographics, financial information, and a description of the problem. Then, you will be contacted by one of our Intake practice group members to screen your answers and discuss your problem further. Once you are deemed eligible, you will be transferred to an attorney in a specific practice group relevant to your legal issue. You will be contacted by this attorney and they will provide you with the next steps to either resolve the legal issue or refer you to another resource. 

Please note that ICLS does not guarantee you will receive services. 

When you apply through the online application and describe your initial problem, please note if you have multiple legal issues that must be handled. The Intake group member will discuss all the problems you indicated and refer you to an attorney for the legal help with the most immediate need. Once that is resolved, you will be transferred to another attorney if you still have other legal issues to work out.

Yes, we have many grants that fund services for seniors, pending review of your eligibility. If you are 60+, you may qualify for a variety of legal services at no cost, pending your financial eligibility. You can call our Senior Intake Line at (800) 977-4257.

The appointment will be made between you and the Intake staff member. You may request to have the appointment the same day, but it is not guaranteed.

Currently, all our offices are virtual. We do not accept walk-ins until we return to in-person services in February 2022.

To receive other help, you can go to the Connect IE website at to find resources in the Inland Empire specific to your needs.

No, Public Defenders only handle criminal cases, while our legal services are only offered for civil cases.

We are connected with multiple other organizations and resources we can refer you to if you do not qualify for our specific services. If you are not eligible, ask the staff member working with you for next steps regarding legal or other necessary services.

Yes, we are able to provide a sign language interpreter if needed throughout the time of your services. 

Yes, we are able to provide a Spanish speaking staff member or interpreter of other languages via a translation service.