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Funding Sources

Inland Counties Legal Services provides services to clients at no cost. This is how our services are made free:

ICLS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Our organization is primarily funded by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). LSC is an independent nonprofit established by Congress in 1974 to provide financial support for civil legal aid to low-income Americans. LSC currently provides funding to 133 independent non-profit legal aid programs in every state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories.

The State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Program IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Account), State of California Equal Access Funds, State of California Equal Access Homelessness Prevention funds and voluntary “Justice Gap” bar dues also provide financial assistance to ICLS.

The Riverside County Office on Aging (OoA), San Bernardino County Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS), San Bernardino County Community Development and Housing Agency Housing and Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP) and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds help us fulfill our mission by providing us with grants that support our programs.

Additionally, the Legal Aid Society of San Diego (with state and federal funds for healthcare reform education and advocacy), the Department of Justice Bank Settlement Funds, Internal Revenue Service Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, U.S. Veterans Initiative, and Cy-Pres awards for consumer advocacy work also contribute to our programs through grants.

Inland Counties Legal Services does not use your donated funds for any purposes prohibited or limited by, or contrary to any of the provisions of the LSC Act or Public Law 113-76, including sections 501, 502, 503, 504, 505 an 506 (128 Stat 5-2014).

Meaningful Giving

Your donation allows us to continue providing people who are low-income and vulnerable with free legal services. With your help, we are closing the Justice Gap.