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Disaster Relief

The Disaster Relief program aims to provide essential legal support and aid to those communities affected by a disaster. Disasters have far-reaching and long-term impacts, which often impact the most vulnerable among us — seniors, rural, and low-income residents. At Inland Counties Legal Services, we recognize the challenges that these communities face and are dedicated to providing support that extends far beyond the immediate crisis.

What We Do:

In the aftermath of a Disaster, survivors often find themselves dealing with an array of legal issues.  These issues can quickly become overwhelming and complex.  If you have been negatively impacted by a disaster, Inland Counties Legal Services is here to help you recover.   

  • Help obtain access to safe transitional housing.  
  • Replace lost or damaged important documents.  
  • Replace lost or damaged identification cards.  
  • Obtain government assistance and benefits.
  • Consumer scams / price gouging.
  • Unlicensed contractor repairs / code violations.
  • Wrongful evictions / uninhabitable dwelling / mold / security deposit.
  • FEMA applications and appeals.  

*If you have been negatively impacted by a disaster, call us or apply online.

For assistance, please call our intake line at (888) 245-4257, to see if you qualify for services.