Darrell K. Moore, Esq., Executive Director

Pam Herness, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Tessie Cross, Esq., Deputy Director of Operations

Sang Banh, Esq., Deputy Director of Litigation

Tori Praul, Esq., Deputy Director of Community Engagement

Dianne Woodcroft, Esq., Director of Policy and Training 

John Hurtado, Director of Resource Development and Communications

Practice Group Directors

Greg Armstrong, Esq., Consumer Practice Group Director

Eulalio Castellanos, Esq., Education Lead Attorney

Cara Whisler, Esq., Family Law and Domestic Violence Practice Group Director

Grant Jahner, Esq., Health Law Practice Group Director

Pablo Ramirez, Esq., Housing Practice Group Director

Tanawa Lebreton, Esq., Immigration Practice Group Director

Mischa Jackson-Kennedy, Esq., Intake and Outreach Practice Group Director

Elena Castillo, Esq., Systemic Impact Litigation Practice Group Director 

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