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Justice Serves Us All.
As a legal aid nonprofit, we work to help every person in the Inland Counties participate fairly and equally in the legal system through legal education, outreach, and free legal services.
Be Part of the Change Today.
If you want to assist those in need of legal services, consider making a donation or volunteering with us to make a difference firsthand.
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Inland Counties Legal Services works to close the justice gap for people with limited incomes, disabilities, or are age 60 or over. The Justice Gap is the difference between the legal needs of people and the resources needed to meet those needs.

Service Areas Include: Riverside & San Bernardino Counties, California

Make a Difference

There’s no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Together, we can provide life-changing legal assistance.

Our Impact in 2022

$ 100000 m+
Discharged in
bankruptcy debt
Residents helped to
access medical insurance
Residents kept from
becoming homeless
Residents helped with
housing disputes

Join our team of dedicated lawyers, advocates, and change makers.

Everyone who works with Inland Counties Legal Services is an essential part of our mission to deliver equal justice, equity, and inclusion. We are stronger together, and we work steadfastly to ensure that our clients receive professional and timely services.

Meaningful Giving

Your donation allows us to continue providing people who are low-income and vulnerable with free legal services. With your help, we are closing the Justice Gap.

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