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ICLS staff awarded for advocacy, commitment to justice at annual meeting

On Friday, Inland Counties Legal Services staff members were recognized for their advocacy in the community and their dedication to clients at ICLS’s annual meeting in Riverside. 

Each year, ICLS staff gathers from across Southern California to celebrate the organization’s progress, accomplishments, and service. This year’s theme was strength finding, as ICLS employees used the Clifton Strength Finder tool to identify their strongest traits and how those traits can be used for the advancement access to justice in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. 

Each of our employees brings a unique perspective and one-of-a-kind skills to the organization, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have joined the network of strengths-based organizations and businesses. 

ICLS staff cheer on their peers as the awards were announced.

The staff members recognized at the meeting already use their talents for the benefit of their clients, and they have all gone above and beyond to make a difference in their clients’ lives. At ICLS, we strive to treat every client with respect and dignity, and these employees embody the best we have to offer. 

The Advocates of the Year Awards are presented to legal staff who excel in their practice areas, who exemplify ICLS’s core mission, and who have given our clients outstanding legal services that they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. 

This year’s awardees include: 

• Sergio Hernandez, Housing Attorney  

• Peter Lin-Tsai, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Director 

• Janet Nkasiima, Public Benefits Law Clerk 

• Yamilet Miranda, Family Law Paralegal 

While our legal staff are on the ground every day helping clients address their legal issues, we also have administrative staff who make everything we do possible. These folks often time makes things happen behind the scenes so our attorneys can help their clients to the best of their abilities. We would not be able to function as an organization without these folks as the backbone.  

This year’s awardees include: 

Excellence in Administrative Support 

• Destiny Serrano, Housing Legal Secretary 

Excellence in Customer Service  

• Kaley Bennett, Intake Specialist 

Fortunately at ICLS, we also have so many staff members who live their commitment to justice. At our annual meeting, we acknowledged staff who have dedicated years to ICLS and their clients. 

The acknowledgments include: 

• Amanda Toerge (5 years of service)  

• Noelle Miranda (5 years of service)  

• Rushenna Harris (5 years of service)  

• Nancy Castro (5 years of service)  

• Jennifer Dale (5 years of service)  

• Uriel (Rudy) De La Torre (5 years of service)  

• Stacy Holmes (5 years of service)  

• Miriam Sanchez (5 years of service)  

• Olga De Haro (5 years of service)  

• Yolanda Martinez (5 years of service)  

• Zachary Rotstein (5 years of service) 

• Lisa Simmons (10 years of service) 

• Anthony Kim (10 years of service) 

• Mischa Kennedy (15 years of service)  

• Isabelle Espinoza-Montes (15 years of service)  

• Edward Hu (15 years of service) 

• Cindy Piini (20 years of service) 

• Judy Wilson (20 years of service) 

• Elaine Festor (25 years of service)