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New expungement clinic to help Riverside and San Bernardino County residents

Inland Counties Legal Services has launched a new expungement clinic aimed at helping residents with certain convictions get a fresh start on life.

The Expungement Clinic assists those with prior convictions in Riverside and San Bernardino County by assisting through the expungement process and with the filing of the forms with the court. 

A successful expungement can help with:

  • Employment 
  • Housing
  • License Restoration, in some cases
  • Closure

Those interested in the clinic can call our intake line to see if you’re eligible and to schedule an appointment.

Who We Help:

We help individuals who were convicted as an adult of certain misdemeanor and/or felony charges in Riverside or San Bernardino County.

Though we strive to help as many people as possible, there are some cases that we are not able to assist with including, but not limited to: 

  • Juvenile charges;
  • Sex crimes involving a minor;
  • Sidewalk vending;
  • Traffic tickets; and
  • Other cases that the law does not allow or that do not meet ICLS’s eligibility requirements.