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A statement on the Buffalo, NY mass shooting

We at Inland Counties Legal Services are heartbroken and angry that yet another hate fueled mass shooting has happened in America, this time, at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. We mourn for the family and friends of the ten people whose lives were unjustly taken, as well as recognize the collective grief the Black community is facing after this tragedy. It is undoubtedly traumatic for those who were affected and for those who saw the news and thought, ‘That could’ve been me.’

As an organization centered around Justice, Equity and Inclusion, we firmly stand against the racism that motivated the shooter in this act of violence, and we condemn the hatred that is alive in our own communities, as well. The very next day after the mass shooting in Buffalo, another man opened fire and killed one person in the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Orange County – a Taiwanese congregation – while the church members were enjoying a lunch service. This type of extremism is dangerous, and we cannot allow it to flourish.

At ICLS, we are dedicated to doing our part and helping build a world where Black and Brown people are supported and protected, and until that day comes, we stand together with you. #BlackLivesMatter