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DEIB Racial Equity Subcommittee advances equity in the workplace

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As part of our non-profit’s initiatives, we prioritize Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). ICLS envisions a world where all people, regardless of background, have equal access to fair legal protections, adequate housing, affirming healthcare, and all those rights necessary to lead fulfilling lives. To that end, the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Planning Committee ensures that ICLS provides culturally competent legal services, making recommendations regarding systemic change, trainings, and procedure updates to better align ICLS’ culture and practices with its core values and mission for racial and social justice.

A great portion of our DEIB Planning Committee’s responsibilities since its fruition post-pandemic involves the collaboration and cooperation between subcommittees including the DEIB Racial Equity Subcommittee. The Racial Equity cohort, composed of Andrea Leon, Judy Wilson, Karen Navarro, Paulette Gray, Rachel Arroyos, and our very own Executive Director, Tessie Solorzano, aims to eliminate racial inequities in policies, procedures, and practices and improve outcomes for all racial groups. By connecting with community leaders and organizations, and assessing, building, and maintaining a framework of racial equity within our internal infrastructure, this growing group of compassionate individuals hopes to break new ground in creating a more inclusive and equitable future. 

DEIB Racial Equity Subcommittee Goals:

  • Break new ground in creating a culture of addressing racial inequalities
  • End racial disparities within our organization
  • Collaborate more with community partners and stakeholders
  • Provide in-depth data and evaluation to assess progress at the end of the specified period.

There is plenty more on the precipice for our DEIB Planning Committee and we thank the greater community for supporting our efforts in making equal access to justice a reality. Together we are bridging the justice gap by providing the Inland Empire the legal support it needs, one individual at a time.