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Addendum #1- ICLS Security Guard at ICLS Branch Offices


Addendum #1
ICLS Security Guard Services at ICLS Branch Offices RFP

This serves as Addendum No. 1 and becomes part of the original Request for Proposals package. It must be signed and returned with your RFP response. The Proposal deadline will remain the same.

*Answers below in bold

  1. Is there a specified page limit for the proposal? – There is no specified page limit for the proposal. All criteria must be met in your submitted proposal.
  2. Could you provide details on the scope of work expected for the security guard position?- The scope is as follows: patrol parking lot to ensure staff safety; patrol on site every hour to ensure there are no unwanted guests; assist with accepting packages from vendors such as Office Depot and Amazon.
  3. Uniform expectations for our security guards. Are you looking for a hard or soft profile? – ICLS is looking for a hard guard, but we do not want the guard to be armed.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Addendum #1

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