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Special Education Clinic serves IE families

While every student is entitled to an equal education, some students with special education needs and IEPs slip between the cracks. ICLS’s Education Team aims to break down these barriers and get families connected with the resources that can help their students thrive in school and beyond. 

On October 18, with the assistance of six volunteer attorneys from Morrison Foerster, ICLS helped several families review individualized education plans, learn about the resources their children may be entitled, and create an action plan to advocate for those resources.

Building out our Special Education services has been a priority for ICLS, particularly as research shows that students of limited financial means are more likely to lack essential education resources and accommodations as compared to their peers. Marsha Johnson, ICLS’s Deputy Director of Litigation, has been spearheading this effort for years, helping 30 families access special education resources since launching the program.

Although recently elevated to her new role, Marsha has spent her entire legal career advocating for the rights of people living in our region, including families and students, gain access to public benefits and resources they are entitled to under the law.